Healthcare for First Nations people in Manitoba inadequate say families

first_imgBrittany HobsonAPTN NewsA new report released this month shows the health gap between First Nations people and all other Manitobans has widened over the past 15 years.Early death rates are three times higher for First Nations people, according to The Health Status of and Access to Healthcare by Registered First Nation Peoples in Manitoba, a report released by the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba and the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.People navigating the system are calling for a more collaborative approach to change these statistics.Vanessa Tait’s father Kenneth was diagnosed with kidney disease in November 2017.(Vanessa Tait with her father Kenneth in the hospital. Photo courtesy: Vanessa Tait)For the past year, the 62-year -old has been living in a Winnipeg hotel so he can receive dialysis treatment.“In my father’s patient journey, I’ve seen the inadequate healthcare system, for instance, it’s primary healthcare. We don’t have a lot of services…for our First Nation communities,” Tait told APTN News.The family is from O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation, located approximately 1,000 km north of Winnipeg.The community only has a nursing station so patients must travel 12 hours by car to access a number of healthcare options in Winnipeg.The report lists a myriad of reasons relating to the higher rates of early deaths for First Nations people including a lack of healthcare close to home.Tait says the report and her own family’s experiences show the healthcare system is set up to fail First Nations people.“When you father tells you, ‘I just want to die because I miss home,’ that really shows you how First Nations patients are treated…have to leave their homes and being told they have to stay in a hotel room where even the quality of food is not appropriate with what the dietician tells you,” she said.The report states the gap has worsened significantly since 2002.The life expectancy of First Nations women is 72 years compared to 83 years for other female Manitobans, while First Nations men is 68 years compared to 79 years for other male Manitobans.George Lammers, 52, has been on dialysis for nine years.He spends four nights a week receiving treatment at a nearby hospital. He’s lived in Winnipeg his whole life but recently moved into a complex for people receiving dialysis treatment. (George Lammers has been on dialysis for nine years. Photo: Brittany Hobson/APTN)He slipped on a patch of ice nearly two years ago and after some complications due to diabetes doctors had to amputate part of his leg.“The healthcare system isn’t what you think it is. You think you’re going to go and stay in the hospital and be treated with respect but meanwhile the nurses are too busy handing out medications to people,” said Lammers.Lammers says he’s experienced ‘degrading’ treatment from nurses and doctors.He believes part of it is because he’s First Nations.“I call it subtle racism. They don’t actually say it to you, it’s by their actions. How they talk to you,” said Lammers.It’s not always bad, he says, but cuts to the healthcare industry by the Conservative government have made it worse.Lammers has also been on the kidney transplant list for almost a decade but says he’s never been given a reason for the delay.A spokesperson for Transplant Manitoba wrote, “as healthcare providers we cannot speak to specific individual cases,” in an email to APTN.They did confirm there are approximately 200 Manitobans waiting for a kidney transplant, and delays could be related to blood type or a patient’s overall health.For Tait, she would like to see the provincial government work with First Nations to create a healthcare system where communities have power to control things.“Having adequate primary healthcare services in our community, run by our community and actually developed by our community,” she said.“And then infusing dollars to have our own people go into the health profession, whether it be nursing or whether it be a doctor.” read more

Tangier Rolls Out Red Carpet for 19th National Film Festival

By Sarah Goodman and Ahlam Ben SagaRabat – The red carpet stretched from the street to the stairs, ushering the Moroccan film industry into Tangier’s Ahmed Boukmakh Cultural Center to inaugurate the 19th National Film Festival and to celebrate 60 years of the Moroccan cinema.Organized by the Moroccan Center of Cinematography, the festival runs through March 17 and is screening fifteen feature-length films and fifteen short films by contemporary Moroccan filmmakers. A range of actors, directors, producers, and politicians mingled in the neon-lit, neo-Moorish atrium of the Ahmed Boukmakh Cultural Center at the Friday evening opening. Distinguished guests included the Minister of Culture and Communication, Mohamed Laaraj; President of the Regional Council, Ilyas El Omari; President of the Municipal Council, Bachir Abdellaoui; and the Wali of Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima regions, Mohamed El Yaakoubi.Photo credit: Sarah Goodman/Morocco World NewsCalling the festival a “platform for the meeting of minds and for communication,” El Yaakoubi welcomed the audience and industry members present. “This festival aims to develop Moroccan cinematic production and promote Moroccan film, which will enrich the [corpus of] Moroccan cinema. I congratulate everyone and wish success to the festival in its 19th edition.”Moroccan actress Fatima Ouechay and director Narjiss Nejjar were both honored during the evening’s proceedings for their contributions to Moroccan cinema. Accepting the award, Nejjar said she felt “honored to take part in the festival.” Her film, “Apatride,” is among those nominated.  Other films in this year’s lineup include Nabil Ayouch’s “Razzia,” Morocco’s entry for the the 92nd Academy Award for Best Foreign Film; Rabii El Jawhari’s film “Tarantella,” the only entry with dialogue entirely in Modern Standard Arabic; and “Volubilis,” by Faouzi Bensaidi, which previously screened at the 2017 Venice Film Festival.Photo credit: Sarah Goodman/Morocco World NewsIn addition to the selection of the films nominated this year, CCM organized a retrospective series of Moroccan films to celebrate 60 years of Moroccan cinema. Tangier’s Cinéma Rif hosted festival screenings of works considered classics in Moroccan cinema today, with films spanning the 1960s to the early 2000s.CCM was originally established in 1944. While Morocco’s first national film festival was held in Rabat in 1982, Tangier first began hosting film festivals two decades earlier in 1968.Moroccan filmmaker Mohammed Mouftakir, director Ismail Ferroukhi, journalist Jihane Bougrine, documentary filmmaker Raymond Zanchi, and French producer Alice Ormières sit on the the competition’s jury to decide the best films of the year.Photo credit: Sarah Goodman/Morocco World NewsNominations:Short Films:“Lettre d’amour” by Soufiane Ait Majdoub, “Yto” by Noureddine Ayouch, “L’appel” by Maria Kenzi Lahlou, “Dernière photo” by Faical Hlimi, “Le retour du roi Lear” by Hicham El Ouali, “Roujoula” by Ilias Al Faris, “Ales” by Fayçal Ben, “Petite clair de lune,” by Rachid El Ouali, “Yara Zed” by Hamza Atifi, “Al Massrahia” by Khalid Douache, “Jour d’automne” by Imad Badi, “Les corbeaux” by Madane El Ghazouani, “Le depart” by Hamza Boumalki, “Silence du père” by Mounia Agoumi, and “Scénario” by Rachid Zaki.Feature-length Films: “Volubilis” by Faouzi Bensaidi, “Razzia” by Nabil Ayouch, “Burn Out” by Nour-Eddine Lakhmari, “Apatride” by Narjiss Nejjar, “Jahilya” by Hicham Lasri, “Les voix du désert” by Daoud Aoulad Syad, “Lahnech” by Driss Mrini, “Le papillon” by Hamid Basket, “Kilikis, la cité des hiboux” by Az Alarabe Alaoui, “Le cri de l’âme” by Abdelilah El Jaouhary, “Tarantella” by Rabii El Jawhari, “Larmes de sable” d’Aziz Salmy, and “Korssa” by Abdellah Toukouna. Two documentaries were also nominated: “House in the fields” by Tala Hadid and “Silence des cellules” by Mohamed Nabil. read more

Public advocacy centre skeptical of data breach reporting regulations

OTTAWA — Companies would be required to notify people of a serious data breach involving personal information under proposed new federal regulations.But the regulations are intended to provide “maximum flexibility” to an organization that loses data, says a government notice accompanying the planned measures.One prominent public advocacy organization voiced skepticism Tuesday about how effective the new rules will be.Several businesses — including telecom provider Bell Canada, retailer Target and affair-seekers website Ashley Madison — have been stung by breaches in recent years.The loss of data can be embarrassing for an organization and often causes headaches for customers whose personal or financial details are suddenly swirling in cyberspace.Legislation passed two years ago laid the groundwork for mandatory reporting of private-sector breaches that pose a “real risk of significant harm” to individuals. The newly published regulations, drafted with the help of public feedback, would flesh out the legislation.“A key theme of the responses was the need for flexibility to allow organizations to implement requirements in a manner that fits their particular circumstances,” the federal notice says.“The majority of business representatives were against overly prescriptive regulations and expressed the desire to make use of existing practices to meet their new obligations to the extent possible.”In the likelihood of “significant harm,” organizations would be obliged to inform affected people as well as the federal privacy commissioner, whose office would determine whether appropriate actions were indeed being taken.In addition, organizations that experienced a breach would have to keep a record of the incident and make these records available to the privacy commissioner upon request.The proposed rules don’t go far enough because they give companies discretion as to whether an incident is sufficiently serious to report, said John Lawford, executive director and general counsel of the Ottawa-based Public Interest Advocacy Centre.A risk-averse company might come clean about a breach, but others may be tempted to keep a lapse under wraps, Lawford said Tuesday.“I think it’s just a terrible solution, and I think we’re going to have fewer data breaches reported rather than more.”The regulations say a breach report to individuals must include a description of the lapse, when it happened, the information involved, steps taken to reduce harm to people, information as to what the individual can do, a toll-free number or email address for providing additional details to the public, and information on how to complain to the organization and the privacy czar.However, a company may provide only indirect notification to affected people — through a website posting or an advertisement — in the event that:— providing direct notification would cause further harm — for instance, if it would inform family members of the person’s purchase of a confidential product or service;— the cost of direct notification would be prohibitive; or— the organization lacks contact information for those affected, or the information it has is outdated.The privacy commissioner’s office, which has strongly supported the move to mandatory reporting, said Tuesday it was reviewing the regulations and therefore could not yet comment.The public has until early next month to provide feedback on the draft regulations.— Follow @JimBronskill on Twitter read more

Video Communications First Foremost

Log in or register to post comments Don’t Get Ripped Off with Video Conferencing Pricing Chris Heinemann July 30, 2019 Financially, the cost of video conferencing isn’t just high, it’s unpredictable. It’s time for a different approach. Video Communication Must Improve, Even as It Hits Its Stride Michael Helmbrecht September 12, 2019 Video conferencing at work has boomed. Now we need to fully deliver on its promise. video_collaboration.jpg 3 Problems Still Facing Voice Services Alexey Aylarov September 04, 2019 Interconnectivity, teleconference audio quality, and robocalling issues are still impacting voice services. What’s Up in AV? 4 Trends to Watch Jimmy Vaughan August 02, 2019 A look at some of the problem-solving solutions I saw at the recent InfoComm 2019 event. See All in Video Collaboration & A/V » Meetings Made Easy: One Video Platform or More Beth Schultz September 09, 2019 Standardizing on a single platform or enabling platform-agnostic collaboration are two ways to go about reducing friction in the meeting room. Progressive businesses are always on the lookout for ways to become more innovative and agile, and these days that means the ability to get teams together for collaboration quickly and easily. While audio and Web conferences used to serve such companies well, they’re no longer enough. Truly collaborative, fast-on-their-feet companies require video communications.This is especially the case at any company with far-flung operations and the need to pull disparately located team members into a cohesive whole. Teamwork, after all, requires trust and confidence in each other — and those are hard to come by when somebody is an anonymous voice on the other end of the line. The visual cues and clues available in video conferencing, on the other hand, can help foster strong working relationships among meeting participants. They can help build consensus, remove confusion, or spur further discussion.You may know about the rising importance of video communications anecdotally from your own work experiences. Results from No Jitter’s 2018 Video Collaboration Survey of enterprise IT professionals bear this out. Most of the 142 surveyed enterprise IT professionals indicated their organizations already support some form of video communications — and that they expect the number of regular users to grow over the next 12 months.In fact, the ability to bring employees together via video is so paramount that many companies no longer restrict this technology to a designated few conference rooms. Rather, as the No Jitter survey shows, the majority of respondent companies are rolling out support for video among room systems and desktops, and from desktop to desktop. Additionally, nearly half of companies support video calling from the browser, while support for video communications from smartphones is a checklist item for three-quarters of respondent organizations.Of course, with increasing use of video communications comes greater complexity. The search for ease of use has turned many companies toward cloud video or, as it’s also called, video conferencing as a service (VCaaS). Among No Jitter survey respondents, 46% said their organizations have adopted VCaaS, and the majority recognize its strategic value. Slightly more than one-third of respondents said they consider cloud video service to be a critical enabler for their organizations, and nearly 40% said it’s becoming increasingly important for them. The uptake will continue, with another 16% of respondents saying they planned to add VCaaS to their communications portfolios within the next 12 months.In this No Jitter Industry Insights Report sponsored by Zoom Video Communications, “Why You Need a Video-First Posture,” discover the value that video communications in general and a VCaaS platform in particular can provide your organization. Download this report now.Tags:News & ViewsVCaaSVideo Collaboration & A/VCloud CommunicationsDigital WorkplaceMeetingsReal-Time CommunicationsSponsored Post Articles You Might Like read more

Repatriation of Eritrean refugees from Sudan going smoothly UN agency says

“The repatriation is continuing smoothly, with a convoy of 1,000-1,500 people expected twice a week,” Kris Janowski, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told reporters in Geneva today. A convoy of 1,085 refugees crossed the Sudanese border into Eritrea this morning.Since the start of the voluntary repatriation exercise on 12 May, more than 3,000 refugees have returned, including many Eritreans who had fled the recent war between their country and Ethiopia. Some 20,000 refugees in the Sudan have registered to return to Eritrea.”UNHCR is transporting the returnees from camps in eastern Sudan to a transit centre in Tesseney, western Eritrea,” Mr. Janowski explained. “From there, the Eritrean Relief and Refugee Commission and the country’s Ministry of Health are organizing general assistance and onward transport to their home villages.”According to UNHCR, there are some 174,000 Eritrean refugees in camps in the Sudan, some of whom have spent more than 30 years in exile. read more

Annan discusses worlds hot spots with US Secretary of State Powell

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan discussed a wide range of international issues with United States Secretary of State Colin Powell today, touching on the Middle East, Iraq, UN operations in Congo and Liberia, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.”We had a very fruitful discussion, we covered lots of ground,” Mr. Annan told reporters after a working lunch at the State Department in Washington, D.C.On the Middle East, on which he had already issued a statement condemning the latest Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem and describing Israeli attacks in Gaza as only contributing to a renewed cycle of violence, Mr. Annan said: “I think it is important that the leaders stay the course.”The only path to peace is the Road Map, the promise of Aqaba,” he added in a reference to the Jordanian port where US President George W. Bush held a summit with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas last week to launch the Road Map plan for an Israeli and a Palestinian state living side by side in peace by 2005.”We all were very hopeful after the meetings of Aqaba and the statements the leaders made with the strong support of the President, we thought finally we were going to move forward, and I hope the leaders will not be deterred by these violent acts,” Mr. Annan added.Asked about a reported smear campaign against Hans Blix, head of the UN inspection team that had looked for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Mr. Annan said: “Blix is a very professional person, a very honest person. He did a very good job and he had universal respect for his professionalism and his efforts.”The Secretary-General said he could not really get into the smear campaign “except to say that I have seen some articles in the press that I consider unfair, given the work that he has done.”Mr. Powell said he had high regard for Mr. Blix and Mr. Bush also had confidence in him.Before lunching with Mr. Powell, Mr. Annan met with US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. read more

US home sales jumped 32 per cent in June tight supplies cause

In this photo taken, May 6, 2015, realtor Stephan Marshall, top, walks with potential buyer Sasha Martinez at a home for sale in Pacifica, Calif. The National Association of Realtors releases existing home sales for June on Wednesday, July 22, 2015. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) WASHINGTON – Americans bought homes in June at the fastest rate in over eight years, pushing prices to record highs as buyer demand has eclipsed the availability of houses on the market.The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday that sales of existing homes climbed 3.2 per cent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.49 million, the highest rate since February 2007. Sales have jumped 9.6 per cent over the past 12 months, while the number of listings has risen just 0.4 per cent.The median home price has climbed 6.5 per cent over the past 12 months to $236,400, the highest level — unadjusted for inflation — reported by the Realtors.Home-buying has recently surged as more buyers have flooded into the real estate market. Robust hiring over the past 21 months and an economic recovery now in its sixth year have enabled more Americans to set aside money for a down payment. But the rising demand has failed to draw more sellers into the market, limiting the availability of homes and sparking higher prices that could cap sales growth in the coming months.“The recent pace can’t be sustained, but it points clearly to upside potential,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics.Nationally, a mere five months’ supply of homes was on the market in June, compared with 5.5 months a year ago and an average of six months in a healthy market.Some markets are barely adding any listings. The condominium market in Massachusetts contains just 1.8 months’ supply, according to a Federal Reserve report this month. The majority of real estate agents in the Atlanta Fed region — which ranges from Alabama to Florida — said that inventories were flat or falling over the past year.Some of the recent sales burst appears to come from the prospect of low mortgage rates beginning to rise as Fed officials consider raising a key interest rate from its near-zero level later this year. Past efforts by the Fed officials to reduce their stimulus efforts have led to higher mortgage rates, creating expectations that homebuyers will face increased borrowing costs later this year.That possibility is prompting some buyers to finalize sales before higher rates make borrowing costs prohibitively expensive, noted Daren Blomquist, a vice-president at RealtyTrac, a housing analytics firm.The premiums that the Federal Housing Administration charges borrowers to insure mortgages are also lower this year, further fueling buying activity, Blomquist said.It’s also possible that more homebuyers are aggressively checking the market for listings, enabling them to act fast with offers despite the lack of new inventory.“Buyers can more quickly be alerted of new listings and also more conveniently access real estate data to help them pre-search a potential purchase before they even step foot in the property,” said Blomquist, adding that this could help to explain why sales growth have dramatically outpaced new listings so far this year.Properties typically sold last month in 34 days, the shortest time since the Realtors began tracking the figure in May 2011. There were fewer all-cash, individual investor and distressed home sales in the market, as more traditional buyers have returned.Sales improved last month in all four regions: Northeast, Midwest, South and West.Still, the limited supplies could prove to be a drag on sales growth in the coming months.Ever rising home values are stretching the budgets of first-time buyers and owners looking to upgrade. As homes become less affordable, demand will likely taper off.Home prices have increased at more than three times the pace of wages. The average hourly wage has risen just 2 per cent over the past 12 months to $24.95 an hour, according to the Labor Department.Some would-be buyers are also spurning their limited options on the market. Tony Smith, a real estate broker in Charlotte, North Carolina, said some renters shopping for homes are now choosing instead to re-sign their leases and wait until a broader and better selection of properties comes onto the market.Construction has yet to satisfy rising demand, as builders are increasingly focused on the growing rental market.Approved building permits rose increased 7.4 per cent to an annual rate of 1.34 million in June, the highest level since July 2007, the Commerce Department said last week. Almost all the gains came for apartment complexes, while permits for houses last month rose only 0.9 per cent.The share of Americans owning homes has fallen this year to a seasonally adjusted 63.8 per cent, the lowest level since 1989.Real estate had until recently lagged behind much of the six-year rebound from the recession, hobbled by the wave of foreclosures that came after the housing bubble began to burst roughly eight years ago.But the job market found new traction in early 2014. Employers added 3.1 million jobs last year and are on pace to add 2.5 million jobs this year. As millions more Americans have found work, their new paychecks are increasingly going to housing, both in terms of renting and owning.Low mortgage rates have also helped, although rates are now starting to climb to levels that could slow buying activity.The average 30-year fixed rate was 4.09 per cent last week, according to the mortgage giant Freddie Mac. The average has risen from a 52-week low of 3.59 per cent. by Josh Boak, The Associated Press Posted Jul 22, 2015 8:12 am MDT Last Updated Jul 22, 2015 at 11:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email US home sales jumped 3.2 per cent in June; tight supplies cause prices to reach record averages read more

Former US president touts Habitat for Humanity as model for governments

Former U.S. president touts Habitat for Humanity as model for governments by Jordan Press, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 11, 2017 2:15 pm MDT Last Updated Jul 11, 2017 at 2:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Former US president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn help build homes for Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton Alta, on Tuesday July 11, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson OTTAWA – Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter says that Canadian governments should consider emulating the non-profit he has promoted for years as a means of alleviating an affordable housing crunch in this country.Carter has been a longtime volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, which helps low-income families buy a house through affordable payment schedules and getting the families involved in building their homes.Carter says other countries like Peru have adopted similar models to help build more affordable housing units and reduce reliance on the social safety net.The former president is getting a chance to push the message this week as part of a Habitat for Humanity project to build 150 homes across Canada for the country’s sesquicentennial, first in Edmonton where the federal infrastructure minister joined the work site and then Wednesday in Winnipeg.But he acknowledges that the housing challenge remains a difficult one to tackle for policy makers and volunteers.“It’s not enough. What the local, state and federal government do and what volunteers like we do put together makes a big dent in the need, but it’s still not enough,” he said in an interview from a work site in Edmonton.“Everywhere we go, the need is well known and people just don’t pay enough attention to it.”There are an estimated 1.6 million households considered in “core housing need” — meaning they spend more than one-third of their before-tax income on housing that may be substandard or doesn’t meet their needs. The federal government hopes that its forthcoming national housing strategy cuts that figure by at least 500,000 over the next decade.The plan will look at the entire housing continuum, which includes Habitat for Humanity.The organization helps families bridge the gap between social housing and market-based homes by giving them affordable payments and interest rates, while also requiring that they invest in the construction of their home through sweat equity.Carter’s argument is that Habitat for Humanity families become responsible taxpayers, which increases government tax revenues and decreases amounts spent on social services.“They change from a life of dependency on sometimes the federal and local governments to one of self-sufficiency,” he said.The federal Liberals have tried to use the cost of housing as a talking point in the latest round in the ongoing trade dispute over softwood lumber, warning that U.S. housing prices may become unaffordable for many Americans if the Trump administration continues to impose high tariffs on softwood that is used in the construction of new homes.In May, Carter publicly sided with U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to impose new fees on Canadian exports, which at last count has left the domestic industry facing average duties of about 27 per cent.The Carter family is involved in softwood lumber and the former president says he believes the rift could soon pass.“We just want an honest and fair arrangement to be made that suits both sides. And I think this can be done,” Carter said.“We want to be fair to both sides and we want to take care of forestry workers and timber owners as well.” read more

Almost 3000 suspected child sex offenders released without any conditions to stop

Almost 3,000 suspected child sex offenders were released into the community without any conditions to stop them approaching their victims or putting the public at risk by reoffending, an investigation has found.New restrictions on police use of bail meant the number of suspected child sex offenders released without any licence conditions rose 10-fold in just a year, from 261 in 2016/17 to 2,993 in 2017/18, according to police figures unearthed through Freedom of Information requests Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham and chair of the all party group on victims of child abuse, who obtained the figures, said it meant there was nothing to prevent the suspects from contacting victims, attending their home or workplace or re-offending.“This has had serious ramifications for the safety of survivors and their confidence in police to keep them and their families safe if they report abuse,” she said.”In compiling this research, I spoke with policemen and women who have vented their frustrations about there being no pre-charge restrictions on suspects of sexual offences.“It poses a risk to the safety of victims. There’s nothing stopping [the suspect] from contacting or intimidating their accuser. “Sexual offenders, particularly paedophiles follow a pattern of behaviour and often re-offend. If there are no restrictions on them while they are under questioning, it poses a considerable risk to the public.” The dramatic rise in the number of suspects “released under investigation” was accompanied by an “alarming” drop in the number on pre-charge bail, where conditions can be imposed. This fell 56 per cent from 4,657 to 2,036.Bail conditions commonly used to protect child abuse victims include preventing suspects from contacting a victim and their family directly or indirectly, barring them from attending a named place such as homes, schools or children play areas, and curfews.In a separate survey of victims of more than 350 victims of child abuse, one in five said they did not report to police as they feared further violence from the perpetrator.The group proposed the Government should amend the Policing and Crime Act 2017 to create a presumption that suspects under investigation for sexual offences against children and adults are only be released from police custody on bail.The survey of 365 victims found only half (54 per cent) had reported to police the sexual abuse that happened to them as a child. Thirty per cent said it was because they did not believe the police would successfully prosecute, while 27 per cent felt police would be unsupportive. Victims described long waits for police updates, ‘dehumanising’ language and not being taken seriously. Nine in ten said the support given to them when charges were not brought against their perpetrators was poor or very poor.Child sexual abuse offences recorded by the police increased by 178 per cent between 2007 and March 2017, while those linked to the internet doubled from just over 4,000 in 2015/16 to 8,224 in 2018/19.The group recommended the Government should urgently introduce a new victim’s law which would lay down national standards for timelines and updates for victims and give new powers to the victims’ commissioner to hold police, prosecutors and agencies to account. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Fanmade Galaxy S4 wishlist video surfaces

first_imgThe success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is matched only by the increasing anticipation for Samsung to knock it out of the park again. The Galaxy S4 is rumored to be right around the corner, and the excitement is so high that one fan assembled a wishlist for what he’d like to see in the next Galaxy. While it’s probably far from reality, it’s a fun watch that will help set the stage for the build up to the GS4.There have been very few actual details leaked in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The general speculation suggests a thinner profile with a slightly larger screen, and we get a glimpse of what that might look like in the video. It seems likely that Samsung will follow their trend of releasing a top of the line screen and look to bringing a 1080p Super AMOLED display to the Galaxy S4. With the S3 there were multiple hardware variants to support LTE networks, so it is unclear whether the Exynos processor made by Samsung will be the go-to chipset or if Samsung will continue relying on Qualcomm and go with the Snapdragon S4 Pro line. It’s reasonable to expect 2GB of RAM either way to support the streaming media services that have been a staple in Samsung’s software so far.There’s an opportunity for Samsung to move to a 12 or 13MP camera with the Galaxy S4, though nothing official has been announced. Samsung has remained competitive with their cameras in the last year, so it sees likely that they will go with an all around upgrade for their next model. Since Android 5.0 doesn’t exist, it seems likely that Samsung will stick with Android 4.2 coated in their TouchWiz UI. Features like PhotoSphere, Google Now, and multi-user support will be implemented very differently than you see them in stock, but will still exist.The big things this video showed off was the desire to have a keyboard dock included. Instead of a physical keyboard that snaps on like the Microsoft Surface, or a USB port for a keyboard of your choosing like the Galaxy Note dock, a light keyboard is projected onto a surface just in front of the dock. Laser-projected keyboards have been around for a little while, existing as a $200 novelty item that doesn’t work particularly well unless you are in a room with just the right amount of light. While Samsung does have experience with projectors in smartphones, it’s very unlikely that this will become a real thing with the Galaxy S4. There’s nothing stopping anyone from making a third party accessory, however.What we do know is that Samsung is going to make a big splash with the Galaxy S4 in the first half of 2013. Many suggest that this is going to happen in the spring during a Samsung special event like they did with the Galaxy S3. Right now it is clear that Samsung has the attention of the smartphone world, and their next Galaxy has the potential to put them in front of Apple in a serious way.via Business Insiderlast_img read more

Guardiola on Sarri It will be an honor to compete with

first_imgManchester City boss Pep Guardiola has revealed that he is an admirer of Maurizio Sarri and would warmly welcome the prospect of competing against him in the Premier LeagueThe Italian tactician has recently left Napoli with Carlo Ancelotti having since been named as his replacement.This came, despite the fact that the Light Blues fought a closely contested battle with Juventus for their first Serie A crown since 1990.Club president Aurelio de Laurentiis publicly accused the 59-year-old of failing to rotate the squad enough as hopes of ending Juventus’ dominance of the Serie A came to an end in the final weeks of the season.Sarri has been strongly linked with replacing Antonio Conte at Chelsea for next season.norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…Guardiola, who led Man City to a record-breaking title win in the Premier League this season, has admitted that he is an admirer of the style that Sarri had implemented at Napoli and he would be honoured to go up against the Italian.”Sarri is one of the best around,” he told RMC Sport, via GianlucaDiMarzio.“We are judged for what we won, but we must admit that the football expressed by Napoli this season is like a toast to the sun.“Sarri did very well, watching his Napoli was a spectacle. If he arrives in the Premier League it will be an honour to compete with him.”On why Sarri failed to win the Serie A, Guardiola added: “What is he lacking to win? Nothing, sometimes small details make the difference. Let’s think what would have happened had Juventus lost at San Siro (against Inter): Napoli would have probably won.”last_img read more

Vancouver police chief semifinalists gather decision weeks away

first_imgA public reception for five police chief semi-finalists was Tuesday evening at Vancouver City Hall, but City Manager Eric Holmes said it may be another two months before he announces his decision.The finalists, which include Acting Chief Chris Sutter, have been interviewed by panels of community members and police officers. Today they’ll be assessed on problem-solving skills by three law enforcement officers, including two from outside of Clark County.Holmes said once he receives feedback, the field will be narrowed and finalists will undergo a psychological assessment, take a polygraph test and be subjected to a background check. Holmes added he’ll want to do site visits for out-of-town finalists.It was after a meeting with Holmes that Police Chief Cliff Cook announced his resignation last year. Cook said he and Holmes reached a mutual agreement that fresh leadership was needed at the department, which has 180 officers. Cook, who was the subject of a no-confidence vote by the police guild in 2010, now heads the Bellingham Police Department.At the time of the vote, Cook was supported by then-City Manager Pat McDonnell.Cook, who was hired from Fort Worth, Texas, had to make unpopular cuts as part of citywide reductions, and long-running tension between officers and command staff was not diffused during his tenure. Cook was described as an isolating figure who didn’t take the time to get to know his staff, even failing to know some of their names. He was more popular outside the department, particularly among civilian volunteers for the Neighbors on Watch program.last_img read more

Mount Adams One year after the fire

first_img TROUT LAKE — There’s a distinct smell that enters the nostrils when the breezes subside on the south side of Mount Adams.It’s the odor of burnt wood and there’s little question why it’s so evident — because the blackened, fire-torched trees extend for about 30 square miles.The Cascade Creek Fire was started by a lightning strike on the lower end of Crofton Ridge on the night of Sept. 8, 2012. Strong winds spread it east into the insect-damaged forest of Morrison Creek basin.The next day, 40 hikers had to be evacuated to safe trailheads and four were airlifted out by helicopter. Those evacuated on foot were forced to leave their vehicles behind.By the time rain arrived in the second week of October, more than 20,000 acres from the Aiken Lava Bed on the south side of Mount Adams to Riley Creek on the west had burned.Fighting the blaze cost more than $15 million and more than 600 personnel were involved at the peak. It was the largest fire in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest since 1927 and the largest on Mount Adams since at least 1885.Many trails are inside the burn perimeter including Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail No. 2000, Round the Mountain No. 9, Stagman Ridge No. 12, Shorthorn No. 16, Gotchen Creek No. 40, Crofton Butte No. 73, South Climb No. 183 and Salt Creek No. 75. Click to enlargelast_img read more

After EU fine on Google mobile industry might face a huge shakeup

first_imgA 3D printed Android mascot Bugdroid is seen in front of a Google logo in this illustration taken July 9, 2017. Picture taken July 9, 2017.REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/IllustrationA European Union antitrust judgement against Google on Wednesday invites more competition from software developers including Microsoft Corp, Inc and Samsung Electronics Co, but still leaves them at a disadvantage, as per industry executives and analysts.The EU found that the Alphabet Inc illegally bolstered its dominance in the mobile business since 2011 by forcing Android device makers to pre-install Google Search and its Chrome browser together with its Google Play app store, paying them to pre-install only Google Search, and blocking them from using modified versions of Android.The ruling aims to open the door for Samsung, Lenovo Corp and other phone makers that have been tied to selling devices full of Google applications to start using some alternative software from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon without the device losing too much of its consumer appeal, according to EU press statements and EU sources on condition of anonymity.Smartphone vendors could even charge the other software makers to have their browsers or search engines set as the default on Android smartphones, said Ian Fogg, vice president of analysis at OpenSignal, which helps wireless carriers map their networks. Mike George, VP Alexa, Echo and Appstore for Amazon, speaks during the LG press conference at CES in Las Vegas, U.S., January 4, 2017.REUTERS/Rick WilkingPhones that feature Amazon’s Alexa search or Microsoft’s Bing search throughout should still be able to pre-install popular Google apps such as Google Maps or YouTube as the EU envisions it, EU sources said. Users may opt to replace the new defaults with Google search or Google Chrome apps anyway, but at least some would stick with the default options, according to the EU.But the top smartphone makers are hesitant to promote inferior alternatives, an executive at one high-end Android device maker said on the condition of anonymity. Smaller hardware firms lack the market share to significantly affect Google’s business, the person said.Google also can continue to pay hardware makers to be the exclusive search provider, the business from which it derives most of its revenue, on a device-by-device basis. The EU did not specify any limits on Google’s ability to outbid smaller players in search such as DuckDuckGo.Google is “systematically set to continue to dominate the industry,” said Robert Marcus, a former member of Microsoft’s mobile strategy team and now a general partner at investment firm Quantum Wave Capital. [Representational Image]After failing with Fire, Amazon planning to re-ignite smartphone business with Ice series In Picture: Amazon Fire (screen-shot)The ruling should give smartphone makers the ability to develop phones based on Fire OS, a version of Android customised and distributed by Amazon, the EU press statements said.Google has allowed third parties to make such “forks” of Android, as they are termed in the industry, but it limited their adoption through licensing restrictions, the EU found. The issue remains, though, that the EU did not specify that Google must provide its apps to smartphones with “forks”, meaning that Fire OS phones could continue to lack services such as Google Maps, industry analysts said.Instead, the EU said Google could maintain “fair and objective” restrictions on devices to which it does supply apps.Smartphone vendors who try to adopt forks may also not be welcome by wireless carriers, who are focused on the rollout of high-speed 5G networks and do not want “handset makers distracted by side issues,” Fogg said.Google must stop the illegal practices within 90 days to avoid fines, or it can seek a delay of the order while it appeals. Google has not said how it would adjust practices if it loses the appeal nor whether it would make changes in the EU only or globally.last_img read more

Dragon Ball Supers Movie Could Look A Lot Differently From The Series

first_imgStay on target Here’s When You Can Finally See Dragon Ball Super: Broly in TheatersOkay, Bulma’s Vacation Digs in Dragon Ball Super: Broly Are Pretty Sweet Dragon Ball Super had a good run, even if it seems like the show didn’t last as long as we thought it should have. It was the best way for us to spend more time in the world of the Z Fighters just a little while longer, and we’ll always be thankful we got another season. But there’s still a Dragon Ball Super movie on the way, this we know of for sure, and it should give us that quick Dragon Ball fix we’ve been looking for.I really hope we get to see some more of Shintani’s new designs for the movie soon. Been looking at the 4D special intro animation and wondering how closely they might resemble them since they have similar design philosophies. I still wonder who on earth designed these.— Ajay @ Post-con Depression (@AnimeAjay) May 8, 2018But it might end up looking a little differently from the regular series, if a short animated clip from the amusement park ride Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D event is any indication. The clip, which Twitter user @AnimeAjay noticed, believes that whoever designed the characters for the ride have “similar design philosophies” with Goku, as we saw him on the Dragon Ball Super movie trailer and poster previously.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>If you look at the two clips, the two animation types do look quite similar, and the designs for the rest of the characters in the clip look like they’re drawn with a mixture of new charm and some of the familiar looks we saw from the ’90s anime. It’s a nostalgic trip, to say the least, and I’m hoping we do end up seeing this type of animation for the Dragon Ball Super movie, because these character designs are incredible.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Are you looking forward to the Dragon Ball Super movie? What kind of art style would you like to see utilized for Goku and crew’s latest adventures? Let us know in the comments below.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

VIDEO Julia LouisDreyfus had a priceless reaction when her son checked in

first_img Louis-Dreyfus was in attendance to watch her son get some run and had an awesome reaction when he hauled down 2 rebounds. She is a way better parent than Selina Meyer.Northwestern won the contest, 83-61. Advertisement 7-time Emmy winning Seinfeld, and current Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the greatest female comedic actors of this generation. While on screen, she has immortalized Elaine Benes and Selina Meyer, in real life she is the proud mom of Northwestern sophomore reserve forward Charlie Hall.Louis-Dreyfus, a Northwestern grad, hasn’t missed a game during this once in a life time hoops season for the Wildcats, who sit on the doorstep of the NCAA tournament for the first time.Hall only appeared in 8 games on the year, but last night against Rutgers, Northwestern got out to a 20-point lead, yada yada yada, and Hall got the call to go in the game.Get out!last_img read more

7 alleged poachers to stand trial Monday for Costa Rica conservationists murder

first_imgStarting at 8 a.m. Monday, seven alleged poachers will stand trial in a Limón court for the murder last year of 26-year-old Costa Rican sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora.The seven men are accused of kidnapping Mora along with four foreign volunteers on Moín Beach, near Limón on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, during the night of May 31, 2013. The volunteers escaped, but police found Mora’s naked and bruised body the next morning face down in the sand. The defendants, Felipe Arauz, Héctor Cash, Ernesto Enrique Centeno, William Delgado, José Bryan Quesada and brothers Darwin and Donald Alberto Salmón, have been in preventive detention since their arrests in July 2013.Rodrigo Araya, a lawyer for Mora’s family, confirmed to that prosecutors will seek the maximum penalty for all seven defendants – 35 years for Mora’s murder and 15 years for the assaulting the four women. A verdict on the case is expected by early December. Facebook Comments Related posts:Prosecutors ask for maximum sentences for defendants in Jairo Mora murder trial NOT GUILTY: 7 men acquitted of murder of Costa Rica sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora United Nations, environmental groups condemn verdict in Jairo Mora murder case Delays and blunders: A timeline of the Jairo Mora murder trial in Costa Ricalast_img read more

FIFA wants former officials including Costa Ricas Eduardo Li to pay back

first_imgZURICH, Switzerland – FIFA on Wednesday sought tens of millions of dollars in damages from the “sordid” officials facing charges in the United States over mass bribery scandals that have rocked world football.In a wide-ranging admission on the scope of football corruption, just two weeks after Gianni Infantino replaced Sepp Blatter as its president, football’s governing body called on U.S. authorities to investigate the assets of former FIFA Vice President Jeffrey Webb.It said the Cayman Islands official was leading an “extravagant lifestyle” in a U.S. home that may have been bought with bribes.FIFA also made its most explicit accusation yet that South Africa paid a $10 million bribe to get votes to back its bid for the 2010 World Cup.World football is at the center of multiple inquiries into bribery and misconduct and the award of World Cup tournaments.Thirty-nine individuals face charges in the United States over more than $200 million in bribes. FIFA’s former leader Blatter and his heir apparent Michel Platini have both been banned.FIFA acknowledged the widespread graft of recent decades as it accused the tainted officials of “brazen corruption.”“By corrupting these tournaments, matches, sponsorships, and other football affairs through their backroom deals and secret payoffs, the defendants dragged FIFA into their sordid misconduct,” said the FIFA demand for “victim restitution” made to the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York.FIFA said in a statement that it “estimates that at a minimum tens of millions of dollars were diverted” through bribes and other corrupt schemes. “This amount is likely to increase as the investigation continues.”It will seek money from the $190 million that the United States says has been forfeited by the 39 individuals and two companies facing charges.FIFA named 20 former executive committee members and leading officials in regional confederations that it said had taken more than $28 million in compensation, travel and other costs alone, including Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li, the former head of the Costa Rican Football Federation. In late February, a judge agreed to allow Li to be placed under house arrest in exchange for a $5 million deposit while the corruption case moves forward.Conditions include that Li remain in the New York area, monitored by an electronic bracelet and 24-hour video surveillance. Li also surrendered his passport to the FBI. New FIFA President Gianni Infantino reacts after winning the election during an extraordinary FIFA Congress in Zurich, on Feb. 26, 2016. Fabrice Coffrini/AFPFIFA the ‘victim’“FIFA as the world governing body of football wants that money back and we are determined to get it no matter how long it takes,” said Infantino, who was elected FIFA president on Feb. 26.Many of the bribes at the center of the U.S. investigation were paid for by lucrative television and sponsorship deals in Central and South America. Most of the defendants are from this region.World Cup bids also face mounting scrutiny, however.South Africa has strongly denied paying a bribe to secure the 2010 World Cup. But FIFA backed suspicions raised by U.S. investigators.The claim says executive committee members — including Jack Warner of Trinidad and Tobago and Chuck Blazer of the United States, “sold their votes on multiple occasions.”It said that Warner, who is fighting extradition to the United States, Blazer, who has made a plea deal with U.S. authorities, Warner’s son Daryan Warner and other unidentified suspects “engineered a $10 million payoff in exchange for executive committee votes regarding where the 2010 FIFA World Cup would be hosted.”Warner sent his son to Paris to collect “a briefcase with $10,000 in cash from a high-ranking South African bid committee official,” said the document.“Ultimately, given defendant Warner’s strong illicit ties to the South African bid committee, the South Africans offered a more attractive bribe of $10 million in exchange for Warner’s, Blazer’s, and a third executive committee member’s votes,” it added.“They disguised and funnelled the bribe money through the financial accounts of FIFA, member associations, and the 2010 FIFA World Cup local organizing committee.”Neither the South African government nor its football association responded immediately. But the sports minister Fikile Mbalula, who has denied any wrongdoing in the past, called a press conference for Thursday.FIFA also told how Warner sold votes for the 2011 FIFA presidential election to Qatari official Mohamed bin Hammam, who has since been banned for life.Delegates at a Caribbean Football Union meeting where bin Hamman spoke were each given envelopes containing $40,000 in cash.Webb has been accused of involvement in bribes for television and marketing deals. He made a deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, having agreed to pay more than $6.7 million, and is now on bail living in a mansion in Georgia state.FIFA called on the U.S. Attorney to carry out an immediate accounting of Webb’s assets and funds.“FIFA is concerned that Mr. Webb may not have fully disclosed his assets to the court or to the government,” the world body said in a letter to the U.S. Attorney.FIFA highlighted a media report indicating “Webb continues his extravagant lifestyle” and that his home may have been bought with “bribes and kickbacks.” Eduardo Li, right, hosts Sepp Blatter during the embattled FIFA president’s 2014 trip to Costa Rica. Ezequiel Becerra/AFPShow us the moneyFIFA’s 22-page request to seek part of the money that could be collected from defendants in the U.S. case was filed on Tuesday and made public on Wednesday. The organization is seeking at least $24 million in restitution from former officials in the organization since 2004.“By depriving FIFA of honest services, the accused obtained money from FIFA in an unfair manner in the form of salaries, bonuses, benefits and other compensation,” the complaint states, adding that the world football body “has the right to restitution of these amounts.”The list includes nearly all former directors of Concacaf and Conmebol who face federal charges in New York and served on FIFA’s Executive Committee or other FIFA bodies.From Ricardo Teixeira, ex-president of Brazil’s Football Federation and a former member of FIFA’s Executive Committee, FIFA seeks $3.5 million. From Paraguayan Nicolás Leoz, the amount exceeds $3.25 million.FIFA wants more than $5 million from Rafael Salguero, the former president of Guatemala’s Football Federation. From other former officials, the amounts FIFA is seeking are smaller, including Costa Rica’s Li, from whom  FIFA hopes to collect $10,750.As the New York Times pointed out on Wednesday, the case is peculiar in that, “Organizations reeling from scandal rarely ask the government to reimburse them for their employees’ crimes. More often, they pay penalties.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li to request release on bail from US prison FIFA memo asks would-be president to stick to the script Honduras ex-President Rafael Callejas goes to US to face FIFA corruption charges FIFA corruption probe: Michel Platini vows to fight ‘injustice’last_img read more

Tourists in boat crash off Peyia

first_imgSix Israeli visitors, three adults with three children, who were on a rented a boat crashed onto a rocky area in Peyia in the early afternoon of Wednesday.The visitors crashed due to strong winds close to Ayios Georgios in Peyia in Paphos.Local police went to the area to help the six passengers get to the shore.None of the passengers were injured in the incident.You May LikeMoney Buddy17 Jobs That Won’t Be Around In 20 YearsMoney BuddyUndoLikeItViralJennifer Lopez With A 17,000,000$ HomeLikeItViralUndoSportsRetrieverTake a Look at Brett Favre’s Private HouseSportsRetrieverUndo Verstappen wins crazy German Grand PrixUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoTwo days of music to dance toUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

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