Taxi driver succumbs after ingesting poison

first_img… parents discovered suicide noteA taxi driver on Sunday morning took his last breath after consuming a lethal dose of poison three days before.Lakeram Kewlachand called ‘Raj’, 23, of Fourth Street, Gangaram, East Canje, Berbice, died at the New Amsterdam Hospital, where he had been a patient since Thursday.Dead. Lakeram Kewlachand called ‘Raj’On Thursday, Kewlachand’s sister had just cleaned his room and was returning to collect the broom when she found the door locked. When she asked her brother to open it he told her to wait. After a while, the door was opened and Kewlachand was seen drinking the contents of a bottle.His sister immediately alerted other family members and the young man was rushed to the hospital.According to his father Mahindra, his son and his 21-year-old girlfriend had been in a relationship for some time, but a few months ago, the girlfriend left for the USA and subsequently broke things off. Guyana Times understands that Thursday was the second time that Kewlachand tried to take his life. His family and others tried to provide counselling, but the father said, “is just like throwing water on a duck back. Everything going through one ear and coming through the next side; you know when somebody make up their mind to do something…”Guyana Times was told that on Saturday the young man confided in his uncle, Timothy Ramsammy, that he purchased the poison from a store in New Amsterdam.The uncle told this newspaper that the poison his nephew consumed is used to kill weeds. “If you need two ounces of this chemical to spray half an acre of grass, then they suppose to premix it at the store before they deliver it to the customer. I think if they do that it will ease up suicide,” Ramsammy said.last_img

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