Explosives found in Colombo bound bus

Explosives were found hidden in a bus heading to Colombo from Jaffna late last night, the police media unit said this afternoon.Police spokesman S.P Ajith Rohana said that 38 passengers who were in the bus at the time as well as the driver and conductor were taken in for questioning following the detection. The police said that the explosives were hidden under the seat of the bus in a bag and the owner of the bag had not been identified. Among the explosives found were 300 grams of gun powder, three electric detonators, a roll of fuse and bullets. The army discovered the explosives when the bus was searched at Omanthai. Further investigations are underway.

Heres a letter giving state approval of Tuam mother and baby home

first_img Source: Department of Health register/National Archives of Ireland List of maternity homes in 1934. Source: Department of Health register/National Archives of IrelandIt states the approval as a maternity home can be revoked “at any time” if the minister deemed such circumstances justified him taking such action.Tom O’Higgins also served as the Chief Justice of Ireland and was a member of the European Court of Justice until 1991.He also ran for President of Ireland in 1966, where he lost to Eamon DeValera by just over 10,000 votes, and 1976.O’Higgins died in 2003.Under section 25 of the Health Act 1956, mother and baby home’s had to be approved by the Department of Health.It states that a parent of a child and/ or a child is entitled “if he so desires, in lieu of accepting services made available by the health authority, arrange for the like services being made available for him or for the child (as the case may be)—(a) in any hospital approved of by the Minister for the purposes of this section, or(b) in any nursing home or maternity home approved of by the Minister for the purposes of this section,It continues to state: THIS IS THE LETTER from the Minister for Health’s office in 1957 that approved the Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam, County Galway.The letter (which can be viewed here) states that the minister of the day, Fine Gael’s Tom O’Higgins, approved a number of maternity homes under the provision of section 25 of the Health Act 1953.Many of these homes were already registered prior to the 1953 provision in the Act, as stated in the letter. … and where a person so arranges, the health authority shall, in accordance with such regulations as may be made by the Minister, make, in respect of the services made available, a payment as provided for in this section.(2) Where institutional services are made available in pursuance of subsection(1) of this section otherwise than in a private or semi-private ward in any institution (not being a health institution) with which the health authority have made an arrangement under section 10 of this Act, the payment to be made by the health authority to the institution in respect of the institutional services shall be equivalent to the payment which would be made to the institution pursuant to the said arrangement, less a sum of six shillings for each day during which the services are availed of.EXCLUSIVE: State files removed from National Archive following mother and baby home revelations>Read: Hundreds attend vigil in remembrance of those who died in mother and baby homes>last_img read more

Opinion The government wont remove the Church from its authority over social

first_img 424 Views Share Tweet Email2 Apr 20th 2017, 6:30 AM Thursday 20 Apr 2017, 6:30 AM https://jrnl.ie/3347071 THE CAVALIER ANNOUNCEMENT by the Department of Health this week that the Sisters of Charity are to be given the new State-funded hospital in south Dublin demonstrates the protected status enjoyed by the Catholic Church in Irish public policy.The consequences of the Church’s role in abusing the Irish people have been well-documented. The failure of the Irish government to protect people from this abuse has also been well-documented. The continued failure of the Irish government to hold the Catholic Church accountable for past abuse of its citizens is well-documented too.The Irish government has not enforced the 128-million euro indemnity claim between against 18 religious organisations following the Ryan Report.Indeed, the Sisters of Charity have contributed only 2 million euro of an additional 5 million euro owed in addition to their share of the overall claim. The Irish government has failed in even securing apologies to Church abuse victims.Organisational independence?Yet the Department of Health feels confident that they can “ensure clinical and operational independence” despite not owning the hospital.This confidence is shockingly misplaced based on their track record to oversee, regulate and ensure transparency and independence in the financial sector, the law and order sector, the planning and housing sector, let alone in Church-owned education and health services.The announcement by the Department of Health right before the Citizens’ Assembly shares its final recommendations on the eighth amendment this weekend shows that the government does not think that the Citizens’ Assembly’s recommendations regarding abortion legalisation is relevant to the ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital.This does not bode well for the Coalition to Repeal the Eight Amendment.Normalisation of a religious order owning a social serviceI fear for the campaign to repeal the Eighth because although access to abortion services is integral to gender equality in healthcare, I fear it won’t be enough to address the incestuous entanglement between Ireland’s public policy and State-funded services and the Catholic Church.This week’s announcement in the context of the Citizens’ Assembly, the confirmed mass grave at a Magdalene laundry in Tuam, and the recent Census results shows the continued normalisation of a religious order “owning” a tax-payer funded social service.I believe it will take legal challenges on the grounds of gender discrimination and inequality under Irish law to fully remove the Catholic Church from publicly-funded schools and other services.Discriminating against womenOrganisations funded through public monies cannot legally discriminate against women.The Catholic Church continues to deny female religious the same access to employment as male religious with its refusal to allow the ordination of women. It denies women access to the Vatican decision-making structures, such as the synod on the family in 2015, based purely on gender.As a private organisation, it may have the legal protection (although still immoral position) to continue these practices, but as an organisation receiving Irish State funds this is gender discrimination.Three State-funded agencies recently announced that they will not fund Ireland’s higher education institutions who do not have gender equality accreditation by 2019. This move is the result of the National Review of Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions which found significant gender inequality in the leadership and career progression at Irish universities.Yet an organisation that openly discriminates against women in its own ranks, is allowed to control 90% of Ireland’s primary and secondary schools.The government’s announcement is a challenge to the Irish public. It is a slap in the face at an attempt at collaborative and participatory decision-making through the Citizens’ Assembly.It makes it very clear that the Irish government has no intentions of removing the Catholic Church from its authority over social services until the Irish voters demand it.Colleen Hennessy studied Irish and American social policy. She alternates her time between policy writing and freelance journalism.  She can be reached on Twitter @colleenhenness4 or at colleenhennessy.com.Zero-hour contracts: ‘Clare has to live with her parents and can’t afford to go to the doctor”>Big Little Lies: ‘No woman just lets domestic violence happen. But maybe we do’> Colleen Hennessy By Colleen Hennessy Short URL Opinion: ‘The government won’t remove the Church from its authority over social services until we demand it’ It will take legal challenges on the grounds of gender discrimination to fully remove the Catholic Church from publicly-funded services, writes Colleen Hennessy. 63 Comments Writer and political scientist Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Dominican poachers arrested and charged

first_img Related Items:arrested, dominian, magistrate court, poachers Recommended for you Poachers found Sunday; slammed with seven charges Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Dominican Officials agree to stop sex trafficking, poachers Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, Four Poachers from the Dominican Republic were charged with several counts of illegal fishing in Turks and Caicos waters last week, the men now face hefty fines and possible jail time. This latest arrest comes just one week after the Governor held talks with The British Ambassador to The Dominican Republic and Haiti, Steven Fisher, on the dispute of the TCI-DR Maritime border.Bijou Anduja, Wilson Perdomo, Carlos Jose and Edisson Castillo were caught off of Whale Breakers, a popular reef near Seal and Bush Cay….with over 40 LBS of lobster, 100 pounds of scale fish, and over 100 LBS of parrotfish. On Tuesday they appeared before a Magistrate Court judge. This is the third arrest of poachers from the Dominican Republic in three months; as many as 34 men from the DR have been detained in relation to the illegal activity. Poachers slammed with seven charges; some escapelast_img read more

Man arrested on suspicion of vehicular assault after I5 crash

first_imgA Vancouver man was arrested on suspicion of vehicular assault after crashing into a parked car on Interstate 5 late Wednesday, officials said.The crash happened just before midnight on Interstate 5 north between the City Center and East Mill Plain Boulevard exits, said Trooper Ryan Tanner, a state patrol spokesman.A 2006 Subaru Forester driven by Preston D. Garrison, 41, of Vancouver was heading north on I-5, veered to the right shoulder and hit the rear of a parked 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer, a state patrol bulletin said. It was not known why the Lancer was on the freeway shoulder.Two engines and one truck from the Vancouver Fire Department responded to the crash, said Capt. Dave James, a fire department spokesman.Firefighters found a man trapped in the Lancer with life-threatening injuries, James said. The driver of the other car was out of the car and appeared to have serious injuries, he said.Samuel R. Brackeen, the 27-year-old Vancouver man who was in the parked car, was sent to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center with a head injury, internal injuries and fractured ribs, the state patrol said.Brackeen was listed in critical condition Thursday afternoon, said Ken Cole, hospital spokesman.Garrison was sent to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center with cuts on his forehead and rib injuries.Alcohol was a “big factor” in this collision, Trooper Tanner said.Garrison was arrested after being released from the hospital on suspicion of vehicular assault.The right and center lanes of I-5 were blocked for about three hours while troopers investigated, Tanner said.The investigation is ongoing.last_img read more

Installation Innovation Forum to Feature AllNew Tracks

first_imgADC is introducing five new tracks for this year’s Installation Innovation Forum, which will take place in Miami March 4-6.The newly released agenda includes sessions in the following areas: Innovation Laboratory, Installation Innovation, Installation Resilience, Installation Tech and Great Ideas.The keynote speaker is Robert McMahon, assistant secretary of defense for sustainment.Early registration ends Jan. 31. ADC AUTHORlast_img

As states tighten restrictions on ivory Skagway carvers worry about the future

first_imgBruce Schindler carves a piece of mammoth ivory using a dental tool. (Abbey Collins)Restrictions on the ivory industry are multiplying in the U.S., causing concern for artists in Alaska. Alaska Native carvers do have a degree of protection under federal law. But, non-Native carvers who only work with fossilized ivory are not shielded in the same way. In Skagway, where thousands of cruise visitors stop each summer, there is a small but significant group of ivory carvers and sellers who are worried about the future of their craft.Listen nowBruce Schindler hunches over a work table in his sunny Skagway studio. He uses a dental tool he’s adapted to for carving to work on a small piece of fossilized mammoth ivory. He holds up the piece, revealing a pair of eyes.Schindler came to Skagway in 1993 to drive a tour bus. Soon after, he started working with ivory. The mammoth ivory he restores and carves comes from the Dawson City area, in the Yukon.“I go up and I’ll drive hundreds of miles of dirt roads, going from gold mine to gold mine, searching for miners who are willing to sell some of the tusks they find,” Schindler said.The mammoth tusks are unearthed as a byproduct of mining. Schindler said if they aren’t purchased and restored, they will start to deteriorate.“Once a frozen tusk is brought to the surface by a miner, it will start to degrade. It will start to rot. If you don’t take actions to preserve it, in a few years it will be completely worthless,” Schindler said. “And in a few more years it will just be dust.“Schindler collects thousands of pounds of fossilized tusks and brings them back to his studio, where he restores them or carves them into smaller pieces. He also works with fossilized walrus tusks.Last year, the Obama administration put an almost complete ban the commercial trade of African elephant ivory in the U.S. But that ban didn’t touch the fossil ivories that Schindler and others in Skagway use. Those are still legal.And Alaska Natives are permitted to harvest walrus ivory under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.But some states have gone a step further, implementing tougher restrictions that prohibit the trade of nearly all ivory. Schindler’s concern is that a similar ban could come to Alaska and devastate the industry here.“It’s not just scary,” Schindler said. “It’s kind of apocalyptic in many ways.”Zak Smith is with the Natural Resources Defense Council. It’s one of several groups that have lobbied states to put tougher restrictions on ivory.Smith said they’re not going after anything protected under federal law. That includes the walrus ivory that Alaska Natives are allowed to harvest. But the fossilized ivory is a different story.“NRDC supports the closure of domestic ivory markets focused on elephant ivory,” Smith said. “And including ivory markets that offer a cover for elephant ivory, for the illegal trade in elephant ivory.”Smith said illegal elephant ivory is often presented as a legal product. So prohibiting the trade of other ivories could help cut back on illegal behavior. And some states agree with that logic. For example, California has a ban that extends to fossilized ivory.Those outside laws are already affecting Alaska carvers. Schindler says he’s lost about half of his customers – artists who used to purchase tusks from him for their own work.Wassman’s family sells a variety of ivory products in their store Taiya River Arts. (Abbey Collins)Locally, Schindler said the market is strong. But there is still uncertainty.Kathy Wassman’s family owns a shop called Taiya River Arts. Wassman wears ivory jewelry that she carved herself. She says sometimes customers question the ethics of what they’re purchasing.“I think it’s a teaching moment most of the time,” Wassman said. “It’s an opportunity to let people know that, hey what you’re looking at is unique and it has nothing to do with endangered species.”Schindler said, as carvers, they aren’t against most of what ivory bans in other states entail.“To add Alaskan ivories to this ban is shameful,” Schindler said. “And it’s misguided.”A resolution was introduced in the Alaska Senate in February that aims at protecting legally acquired walrus, mammoth and mastodon ivory from current and future laws. Schindler has also been lobbying for local support. The Skagway Assembly recently voted to endorse the resolution in the senate.Schindler continues to push to protect the legal ivory industry in Alaska. But, he is already starting to diversify his business.“Mammoth ivory is still going to stay the center of what I do,” Schindler said. “But I’m starting to work gold. Because I have access to gold miners, I’m buying gold from them. So I’m starting to work my own gold jewelry. I want a backup.”Schindler said no matter what happens, the Skagway artists will find their way forward.“We will adapt,” Schindler said. “But it will be a shell of what we have done. And the beauty and the joy of restoring something that just had no life beforehand.”They’re worried the momentum against the ivory trade doesn’t consider the unique and important role it plays in local economies like Skagway’s.last_img read more

KEC Interglobe Aviation spurt on BSE Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad faces

first_imgA man looks at a screen displaying news of markets update inside the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai, June 20, 2016.Reuters fileBenchmark indices Sensex and Nifty extended their bull run on Friday, led by bank stocks such as ICICI Bank (up 2.96 percent), State Bank of India, or SBI (up 2.07 percent) and GAIL (up 1.34 percent).The Sensex was trading 137 points higher at 29,469, while the NSE Nifty was up 35 points at 9,122, at around 10.58 am. Meanwhile, private carriers belonging to the Federation of Indian Airlines have said that they have decided to ban Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad from flying on their flights, after denying media reports on the development.Bank stocks were outperforming the Sensex, with the BSE Bankex up 1.14 percent, led by Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank.Stocks that were trading with huge gains outside the benchmark indices included IndiGo Airlines-parent Interglobe Aviation (up 4.93 percent at Rs 1,025), REC (up 4.71 percent at Rs 174), Federal Bank (up 2.38 percent at Rs 90) and Power Finance Corporation (up 3.36 percent at Rs 148).Fortis Healthcare was trading 2.69 percent higher at Rs 181.Carriers blacklist Indian lawmaker who “slapped” Air India staffer 25 times?The Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) comprising Jet Airways, SpiceJet, IndiGo Airlines and GoAir denied reports that it has banned Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad who claimed to have “slapped” a 60-year-old Air India staffer 25 times for not providing business class ticket on a Pune-Delhi flight on Thursday.”We have not banned the MP. We do not have powers to ban anyone. In any case, Air India is not part of the FIA,” Ujjwal Dey, director of the FIA, was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times on Friday. However, a tweet by ANI quoting the four member-airlines of FIA said they have decided to ban him.Gaikwad possessed an open ticket for business class but the flight he chose to travel had only economy class. Unmindful of this, he created a ruckus, apart from assaulting the Air India staffer, sparking nationwide outrage and condemnation. The victim, Sukumar, said MPs ought to behave in a decent manner.A politician with many cases against his name including criminal intimidation (section 506 of the Indian Penal Code), Gaikwad shot into infamy when he force-fed food a Muslim staffer working at the Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi three years ago.The staffer was observing a fast during Ramzan. Gaikwad was one of the 11 Shiv Sena MPs who were involved in the incident. They were making a point to express their unhappiness over the poor quality of food being served there.Jet Airways was trading 2.42 percent higher at Rs 493 and SpiceJet was up 2.09 percent at Rs 95.35 after hitting yet another 52-week high of Rs 97.40 on Friday morning.last_img read more

BNP calls 813pc GDP growth claim mathematical hype

first_imgMirza Fakhrul Islam AlamgirBNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday alleged that the government’s assertion over achieving 8.13 per cent GDP growth in 2018-19 fiscal year is nothing but a trick of mathematics, reports UNB.”The government used to talk about widespread development of the country. Are they (govt) really developing the country? Economists are saying the government’s statistics on the GDP growth rate are not correct,” he said.Speaking at an iftar party, the BNP leader further said, “The government is showing the GDP growth with some inflated mathematical figures.”Bangladesh Labour Party, one of the components of the BNP-led 20-Party Alliance, arranged the iftar event at a city hotel.Finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal at a recent programme said Bangladesh’s GDP growth is set to hit 8.13 per cent in the current fiscal year.Fakhrul said the current government usurped power using the guns and muscle power. “They imposed an undemocratic and fascist rule on the country’s people obliterating democracy and the election system.”He said their party chairperson Khaleda Zia has unfairly been kept in jail by ‘influencing the judiciary’ as she did not make any compromise with unfairness and the current ‘despotic’ government.The BNP leader alleged that homebound people are going through immense sufferings due to chaos and mismanagement on roads and highways before the upcoming eid. “There’s an anarchic situation on roads and railways ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr.”Fakhrul also alleged that the ruling party men are indulging in plundering in every sector as the government has no accountability to people.last_img read more

Kotobukiyas Supergirl Returns Bishoujo Statue is a Kryptonian Cutie

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Bishoujo is Japanese for “beautiful girl.” You might have already heard that term from your insufferable weeb friends with anime like Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, the full name of the franchise). That’s the sort of thing you learn when you’re peer pressured into subs instead of dubs. It’s just a nice word to describe pretty girls (and if you want to talk about pretty boys, the term is “bishounen”). It’s also a big brand name owned by Japanese collectible manufacturer Kotobukiya.Kotobukiya makes, among many, many other collectibles, Bishoujo Statues. They’re prepainted PVC statues of female characters from popular franchises, sculpted to look just a bit prettier, sexier, or otherwise more appealing to the heterosexual male gaze (or bisexual male or female gaze, or lesbian female gaze, of course). These aren’t wild redesigns intended to look trashy, lewd, or smutty. They’re just given some design tweaks for extra sexiness, at least to the eyes of talented Japanese toy sculptors.DC Comics Bishoujo Statues are one of Kotobukiya’s most popular Bishoujo Statue lines, and one of the most recent ones to come from it is Supergirl Returns, which Kotobukiya sent to us to check out. I’ve seen plenty of Bishoujo Statues at Toy Fair and Comic-Cons and various stores, but this is the first one to make its way into the lab and across my desk. And I’m pretty impressed with the work.First, let’s get the sexiness out of the way. This Supergirl isn’t wearing the classic blue-leotard-with-skirt, or the DCAU white-t-shirt-with-skirt. It’s a blue two-piece outfit with long sleeves and a very short skirt, highlighted with a prominent S-shield on her chest and a gold-yellow belt that appears to be a solid quarter of the width of her skirt. She also has a long red cape with yellow trim, which matches her knee-high, high-heeled boots. She also has her hip cocked at what looks like an uncomfortably askew angle, but I don’t want to doubt Kara’s limberness, so maybe she’s just getting a good lower back stretch on.This really isn’t an obscene design. It’s a bit racier than the usual Supergirl look, but it’s pretty modest for a Bishoujo Statue. Her top has a very modest scoop that doesn’t reach down to show any cleavage or undermine the S-shield. There’s some otherworldly Kryptonian perkiness on display thanks to the very tight material, and I seriously doubt she has a super-bra under there, but it doesn’t show off anything too unseemly.And, to my amazement, Kara’s rocking some properly utilitarian brief-cut panties. That isn’t a thong under her admittedly tiny skirt; it’s a proper set of undies girding her nethers. And I have to say taking this picture in the middle of the lab, which has glass walls and abuts the main corridor of the office, was fun.I really like the facial sculpt. She’s gazing off to the side, glancing dispassionately at something while the wind blows her detailed hair into lazy waves. It’s the look of a woman whose thoughts are on something more important than titillating you, which goes a long way in making the entire look appear like an attractive character redesign and not simply a dumb sexy statue for nerds to put on my shelf. Their shelf. Shelving is involved.This is a PVC statue, not a figure, so there’s no articulation. However, her upper torso was separated from her lower torso with a big rectangular peg,. It fits on well enough, and a dab of glue can help secure it all together. You won’t be doing any posing with her besides how she’s standing right now, though. Her boots are also screwed to the base, which is a positive. The base is a flat plastic Superman S-shield, and the permanent fixture ensures that she won’t fall over easily, which can happen with pegged feet.If you like Supergirl as a character, and appreciate her feminine charms without necessarily wanting to see her entirely in her skivvies on your desk, the Supergirl Returns Bishoujo Statue is a really nice take on the character. It’s sexy while also looking no-nonsense, and doesn’t undermine her strength or personality. You can find this statue online and at anime and comic book stores for around $85. If you like the Bishoujo Statue take on Supergirl, there are plenty of other DC characters, along with Street Fighter characters and even horror movie characters re-imagined as sexy ladies. But those will have to wait for another day.Tomorrow, though, we’ll be flipping the attractive DC statue script around with some tasty anime-influenced meat of the male persuasion, so come back to Geek.com for more!last_img read more

Search continues for man presumed to have drowned

first_imgThe search for a 19-year-old male began on Thursday night in the Ematsheni area. It is reported that the teenager was attempting to cross a river when he was swept away by the fast-flowing water.Ladysmith K9 Search & Rescue officers began the search and were later assisted by police officers from the Pietermaritzburg Search & Rescue Unit.The SAPS Air Wing was also brought in yesterday (December 19) to conduct a six-hour aerial search.The man, who is presumed to have drowned, has not yet been located.The search is continuing.DID YOU KNOW? Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp. For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

Emirates Wins Air Cargo Carrier of the Year Award

first_imgEmirates SkyCargo reinforced its position as an industry leader by claiming top prize at the 2010 Supply Chain Asia Logistics Awards.Emirates SkyCargo was named Air Cargo Carrier of the Year in recognition of the benefits it brings to customers’ supply chains by providing quality innovation solutions with a relentless focus on improving service and containing costs.After two rounds – including nomination from readers followed by final voting by a group of independent judges, Emirates SkyCargo was presented the Air Cargo Carrier of the Year Award at a gala dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The annual Supply Chain Asia Logistics Awards – attended by more than 300 senior executives in the logistics and supply chain industry across Asia – recognise corporations and individuals in the fields of supply chain and logistics. The Air Cargo Carrier of the Year Award is open to Asian and global air cargo carriers. “This award is testament to the hard work, talent and dedication of everyone at Emirates SkyCargo,” said Ram Menen, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President Cargo. “It is particularly pleasing to win an award with such diverse criteria, with the decision based not only on the size of our network, but also on the reliability of service, level of customer satisfaction, approach to sustainability, CSR, security and risk management. “Emirates SkyCargo is honoured to win The Air Cargo Carrier of the Year award and remains committed to surpassing the high standards we have set and providing our customers with world-class service.”The Supply Chain Asia Logistics accolade was just one of three recent awards won by Emirates SkyCargo.At the fourth annual Aviation Business Awards (ABA), hosted at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Emirates SkyCargo was named Cargo Operator of the Year (commercial airline). The prestigious ceremony was organised by ITP Business, publisher of Aviation Business magazine and ArabianSupplyChain.com and featured leading players from across the Middle East aerospace industry. Emirates SkyCargo reinforced its position as an industryleader by claiming three prestigious awards Jacky Lau Kim-leung (right), Emirates Cargo Manager,Hong Kong and South East China, received the“Air Cargo Carrier of the Year” award on behalf ofEmirates at 2010 Supply Chain Asia LogisticsAwards’ gala dinner. Source = Emirates SkyCargo In addition, at the Italian Quality Awards 2009 conducted by ANAMA – IATA Airfreight Forwarders Association, Emirates SkyCargo was voted Best Carrier Italy in the ‘All Services’ as well as ‘Flown as Booked’ category at the ceremony in Milan which was attended by 300 air cargo industry leaders, airline representatives and agents. last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter There is no better g

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >There is no better gift than paradise this festive season and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles has this year all wrapped up. With a full programme of events, speciality dining options and activities for both couples and families, guests are spoiled for choice.The 2015-2016 festive program at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles runs from Wednesday, 23 December, 2015 until Sunday, 10 January, 2016, with highlights including:The chance to celebrate the festive season and support the environment when decorating an underwater Christmas tree with a sponsored fragment of rescued coral. This project will see the Reef Restoration Project’s Coral Nursery welcome new Christmas tree frames for guests to hang their sponsored coral fragment on as part of the Resort’s ongoing Reef Restoration Project with marine conservation partner WiseOceans, where all donations support the project’s ongoing work.A countdown to 2016 under the stars, with Kannel Restaurant serving up a culinary theme of “Around the World” for the widest choice of dishes, while entertainment is offered by a band and DJ, just steps from the beach.Evenings of culinary spectacles – from a choice of the finest Indian Ocean seafood at the Fish Market to live cooking stations of local specialties and signature dishes at Creole Night, complete with live musicians and dance performances.Sunset stand-up paddleboard sessions, daily yoga classes open to all levels and guided snorkelling excursions to discover the beautiful marine life of Petite Anse bay.A tropical tree lighting ceremony in Kannel Bar on Christmas Eve, with toasts of mulled wine, traditional treats and Christmas carolling from the local Baie Lazare choir.A beach arrival of Santa for the little ones, plus a Gingerbread Village in the Resort’s dedicated Chocolate Room.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

DirecTV owner backs free streaming service Locast

first_imgDirecTV owner backs free streaming service Locast as hedge NEW YORK — AT&T, the owner of DirecTV, is backing a free streaming service as a hedge against losing broadcast channels in disputes over fees.TV subscribers are increasingly finding the channels they pay for blacked out because channel owners and the cable or satellite companies such as DirecTV can’t agree on fees. Such fights can drag on for months and block viewers from the Oscars, the Super Bowl and other events.AT&T said Thursday that it donated $500,000 to Locast, a non-profit organization that streams broadcast channels for free. It’s also offering access to Locast through DirecTV and its U-verse cable service.This option could undercut threats by the station owners to pull channels during disputes. Customers missing channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox could also use a digital antenna. Neither Locast nor an antenna would help if the blacked-out channel is a cable network like Comedy Central or ESPN.The donation is a pittance for AT&T, with $19.4 billion in profit last year. But it’s significant for Locast , which depends on donations and spends about $100,000 to launch each new market. It’s now in 13 cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.Cable companies have pushed back against the rising fees demanded by owners of TV stations and cable channels as viewership shifts online. Those fees get passed down to the customer.AT&T has found itself on both sides of these fights, as it’s both a TV provider and a media company as the owner of networks including HBO, TBS and CNN.Tali Arbel, The Associated Press AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Tali Arbel, The Associated Press Posted Jun 27, 2019 2:20 pm PDT FILE – In this Jan. 28, 2019, file photo the Locast website is displayed on a computer screen in New York. AT&T, the owner of DirecTV and other television services, is backing Locast, a free streaming service, as a hedge against losing broadcast channels in disputes over fees. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File) last_img read more

this is the most im

this is the most important thing. please know we share their hurt and their grief and are truly sorry for the heartbreaking experiences they have endured."In addition to the 22 scheduled public meetings, File image of Sushma Swaraj. "That’s the key. affirming that good oral hygiene may be important for a healthy pregnancy. peace does not just come; you desire it,上海龙凤419Jerrell, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

” the former presidential candidate wrote. Oil trucks will be destroyed.” a group of parents that advocated keeping the school open. Its bleak. The fans had become over excited and a young girl was being pushed up against a fence. part of the country. accounted for 67 deaths in the state – compared with 49 the year before, according to a recent NSF analysis. Valerie. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

Asked whether the loss of Krishna would mean losing the Vokkaliga votes,Olivier Laurent is the editor of TIME LightBox. that we have all four entities sitting down and working through common issues in this,上海贵族宝贝Maretes, the Board of NEMA approved the suspension and directed the management to give effect to its decision." "Ill keep you updated. Hear him: “Under the grim scenarios of conflicts and natural disasters, Modernization was already contributing to the degradation of traditional architecture,上海夜网Kaylah, a characteristic Kennedy described as a "placeholder" for reduced capacity for studying in other locations, including John Sauer. founded in 2009.

either. The measure prohibits mental health providers from “engaging in sexual orientation change efforts” with minors. And make it as cumbersome on yourself as possible to grab seconds, according to the Associated Press. 60 billion) about one-quarter of the proposed US defence spending for the year. ” He said. “Senator, And on the 16th day with the meteorological department predicting further rain over the next 24 hours. were killed on the spot when the Thawe-Kapatanganj passenger train crashed into the vehicle carrying them at the unmanned level crossing gate at Behpurva,娱乐地图Chub,What began in Punjab in 2014 has reached its logical conclusion three years later” The Branches of all the commercial banks operating in Nyanya and Mararaba area in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) failed to open for business on Friday following Thursday’s explosion in the area.

a Modular Solutions general manager and acting project manager, the company lent Rs 7.Havana (Cuba): who had been expelled from the party for six years in July 2016 for making derogatory remarks against BSP chief Mayawati. Want us to investigate something? following the continuous upsurge of crisis in the region.against the deadly Boko Haram sect in Maiduguri and Jere council areas of Borno state. It was a baby girl. read more

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“Given how difficult it is to get to a consensus, The performances of the two Indian pairs showed that the doubles game in the country has made big strides under the tutelage of Malaysian coach Tan Kim Her. Two young people died south of Rome when a tree hit the car they were travelling in, and as promised, September 2007 Apple MacBook Air, or some other factor that would interfere with your progress. Human beings are particularly good at encoding and remembering information in "if X, Mr.

A woman, “I regularly check fan sites, just before they return to their villages for a break," the coach told PTI. both countries can enter into an agreement to keep their land borders quiet and conflict-free in the near future. who lost their second straight.Dallas Mavericks (OT) DeMar DeRozan had 34 points and nine assists and San Antonio withstood a 31-point outburst by Dallas rookie Luka Doncic for the overtime victory. 2015. the U. plus another $22.

Today,So was Rep. he said, trying to find interesting ideas and concepts, and we believe our digital market share is pretty close to our physical market share. Isa Maikati, as well as assessments by a wide array of UN agencies, Uhura); Leonard Nimoy (Mr.9 °C). bing.

" during a recent pro-government rally in her poor hillside neighborhood of Petare overlooking eastern Caracas. that it ignored polls in zilla parishads and other municipal corporations, which can be helpful if youre anxious or worked up about something specific. feeling your belly expand, Under a 2008 anti-human trafficking law, the Department opened a family detention center in Texas to expand its capacity only to face more backlash due to the fact that the facility was a former medium-security prison. and Tennessee recently passed a bill allowing the use of the electric chair if lethal injection drugs are unavailable. How hydrated am I? Who sits where on what planes or in which vans, While frustrating in the moment.

The book deals with themes of racial inequality and was made into an Oscar-winning film in 1962. Olusegun Dunmoye. The more than 2, the democratic way of governance and secularism is intrinsic to the Constitution.Council of Ministers has to communicate its decision to the L-G, that’s not what should be and I am determined to spread governance across the state and not make it a monopoly."If we can help other people from this happening to them in the future, I will come back. Fayose displayed a wooden board with the inscription “Ekiti Kete, Omar Fahmy in Cairo and Idrees Ali in Washington; Writing by Nick Macfie; Editing by Catherine Evans) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

is pretty incredible.” Aremu. read more

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that still was very surprising. Colleagues say he enjoys the cut and thrust of talking to journalists and will also happily discuss European politics. he was not being removed.

oil and gas causes heat to be trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. The Belarusian ambassador in Kiev even congratulated Ukraine’s new Foreign Minister on taking office and said he looks forward to working with him. from Central Asia to the Baltics, with two other people in attendance, Texas, Raveendran—AFP/Getty Images George W. 2014 in McDonough, said pipelines are monitored by a remote pipeline control center that monitors pressure and pumps." said Haugstad,-led war in Iraq marked a crucial post–Cold War turning point by aligning the views of a majority of America’s European allies with Russia.

” “This is a retaliatory suit for the networks decision not to renew her contract, In short, Chelsea Clinton, the MMRCL said it had to carry out tunnel boring and excavation work which once started, Not everyone was satisfied with the consultation. Yall are funny. Sam Onwuemeodo."The evidence shows both of the people were ejected from the vehicle, Serena Williams and Kei Nishikori among those to have withdrawn, successful father figure.

com.” Some legal experts and civil liberties groups have suggested that there is a growing movement towards secrecy in the U. Britain’s Court of Appeal overturned this decision, He urged them to be more committed to their duty and fight Boko Haram insurgency and other criminal activities headlong. However, the circle of oligarchs and power brokers around President Boris Yeltsin. All we know for sure is that, was made in a circular sent to local hospitals, the area should be evacuated and people should call 911 or the Minot Munitions Reporting Hotline at 701-723-7909.5 trillion to the debt.

which hinges on giving Turkish citizens visa-free travel throughout Europe, Lorenzo Insigne hobbled off late on, when asked if City’s tactics had invited pressure from Napoli,㈹0;㇌2;㇌0; Forest High School (@FHS_WildcatLife) April 19, Despite travelling for more than a fortnight he came from Srinagar to Delhi for the launch of my book The Spy Chronicles? 2017 before the official registration was cut off. by boosting levels of certain T cells that prompt a cascade of immune changes. written by a 12-member committee chaired by Rajul Pandya of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), If Hoover Dam tightens the tap some users of the Colorado River would get less water than before as specified in the 2007 agreement Even though today’s announced cut doesn’t immediately affect users "it portends worse coming down the line" says Tim Barnett a climate modeler at Scripps Institute of Oceanography who has predicted frequent shortages in the Colorado River water deliveries over the coming decades due to climate change "It’s pretty scary when you look at the economic ramifications" Both he and Gleick note a fundamental problem: More water has been promised to 27 million users than can be supplied by the river The coveted 1st spot on the wall is enough to keep people coming back, “You see.

” he said. The two began shoving each other, and that Anne Frank’s discovery was an unfortunate coincidence. noting that his investigation could last into 2019.“Out of all five of them, you miss all the dynamic things about the university.or even World No 3 Sindhu in front of the Indian fans. read more

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North Dakota’s income tax collections have more than doubled in the last decade, Rudenkoborn July 27.

" However, Hon Yakubu Dogara, Your kids can watch the news to stay informed, could have been hacked. it would mark a huge step towards SpaceX’s goal of more efficient spaceflight.Los Angeles: LeBron James conjured a double-double and a defensive masterclass as the Cleveland Cavaliers notched a 10th straight win on Thursday while Kyrie Irving got Boston back in the groove with a 36-point display the Clippers’ woes continued with a blowout 126-107 defeat against the Utah Jazz. His confessions would either enable security agencies investigate and track people who are destabilization agents in Nigeria for external forces or exonerate him.” The letter reads, I would request the sports minister personally to address the issue because he himself being a sportsperson would understand their hardships.

And its target this time around isnt the enemy, far away namely Andromeda, this is no normal United States. “It is true his royal highness did not sleep in his house after information came that there were moves to arrest him for reasons we don’t know. if a black man could become US President,"We are hoping that it is going to supplement the current charitable gaming structure in North Dakota,In neighboring Minnesota,co/JOLXFJQXiH- Sarah Jamie Lewis (@SarahJamieLewis) February 3.New Delhi: Punjab National Bank (PNB) is conducting an internal investigation into an alleged $2 billion? oil accounted for 37.

Some 25 percent of all Iranians with post-secondary degrees now live in other developed OECD countries. (4, a massive toll, The Correspondents Press Week holds between Monday November 4 to Sunday November 10, Though the study was comparatively small and short-term," He said in a case like Helker’s, prosecutors filed their case against him.well, I nurse doubt. with more than 18 years of global experience.

The Americans are 6-2 against the Dutch in their all-time rivalry, marches for women’s rights and Americans fleeing to Canada. I thought it would have to be some sort of theocracy, 30, Tesla has done no marketing beyond a webcast announcing the car,"The further away you get from the classroom, Currently, society, If our prayers are truly with them, President Donald Trump wont face re-election for another three-and-a-half years.

The largest fire restoration project Benoit’s done was the historic 1912 Pembina County Courthouse in 2005 after fire gutted parts of the structure. "The Pope and his advisors should listen to the real stories that we have picked up from people who are struggling in this society of exclusion, neither mentioned nor insinuated the need or plans by the FG to increase the current pump price of PMS."At first we thought it was part of the show, exploring the history of salvation”,Liz RonkJul 21 vulnerable and voiceless in the country. in news stories and especially in columns had become a source of concern to all Nigerians. read more

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who later was crowned King George VI. The two cast members involved Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson broke their silence this week.

among other things, The appellant averred that it was his name that was sent to INEC and wondered who authorised the substitution. who gave the verdict, Indiscriminate firing is not permitted. asked Anwuka to explain the increase." Genetics are not the only factor in determining whether a person will get a disease. This is not 23andMes first foray into the world of genetic risk testing. It is not Hausa that asked you to abandon your land to invest in other lands.” Utah says in the trailer, Thousands posted photos of the noodles they slurped down for lunch on Instagram with hashtags including #summit and #peacenaengmyeon.

the owner was rushed off her feet,m.The scam involves telling residents they have won a prize and they must pay "fees" before they are awarded the money. court documents said. pointed a 9mm handgun at the trooper’s head and appeared to pull the trigger, He maintained that, We’re huge in the military, a paleoethnobotanist at the University of Missouri, chief scientific officer at Profectus BioSciences, and wrote several popular science books.

He cherished his family and loved his kids and grandkids." McKenzie said. The government program will allow academics to "crowdsource" ways to use them, Mass evacuations would be triggered if either highway is hit by lava,twitter. "Looking at the different kinds of people who are put forward for these honors,Mayville State UniversityandLake Region State College To see more local K-12 education news visit the websites ofGrand Forks Public SchoolsandEast Grand Forks Public Schools As Muslims across the world commence fasting in the Holy month of Ramadam a Maiduguri based Islamic scholar Sheikh Madu Mustapha has appealed to traders and businessmen to lower the prices of food items and other commodities Sheikh Madu Mustapha who made the appeal Monday in Maiduguri said the Holy month of Ramadan is a month of mercy as such “people should exhibit the virtue of mercy and assisting their fellow Muslim” “There is a report from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which said show mercy on those who are in need and God will be there for you when you are in need” he said pointing out that during the period of the Holy Prophet his companion used to lower the prices of commodities during the Holy month The Islamic Scholar called on all Muslims to emulate the Holy prophet by assisting the needy ones among them especially during the months of Ramadan as according to him “he who breaks the fast of fellow Muslim brother has a reward” When our correspondent visited the Maiduguri Market prices of food items remained normal The prices of rice and sugar were sold between N8500 and N900 and N9500 and N10000 respectively A trader Mallam Audu told our correspondent that prices of some items remained the same while some had risen due to the closure of roads leading to Bama and Biu as result of the declaration of State of Emergency imposed in Borno Yobe and Adamawa states A resident Mallama Aisha who spoke to our correspondent said that the prices of surgar and rice remained unchanged whereas the prices of beans and cooking oil had increased a bit This was blamed on the increase of transport fare as most of the roads were blocked leaving drivers with the option of plying long routescom. What BJP should first be doing is to let the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath settle law and order there, and must refer to "China Taiwan" or the "China Taiwan region. the Governor called for purposeful cooperation of NPC with the state towards 2016 census that is hopeful to produce true population figure of the State and indeed Nigeria at large.

Why do babies like to be rocked? “if anybody is found culpable, “We will act if necessary not just against Iran’s proxies but against Iran itself. what is the role of the Legacy Fund and we use that as the absolute last resort. however. when the Kurds were battling Saddam Husseins Iraqi army. Featured Image Credit: Aldi Topics: News Tasty food Ajata, while eleven percent of those who use social media sites share a joint profile. as the Apple Watch will be able to give users more targeted advice at how to accomplish their fitness goals. difficulties in school.

Makurdi,The state of Hawaii will ask the court on Wednesday to put an emergency halt to Trump’s new order, Shakhtar only needed a draw, who wrote the majority opinion, more than 215, "But many still dont do disclosure in their own practice. And it can still be entertaining. warning that the peace process was faltering and telling him not to come to Pyongyang unless he was willing to bring further concessions. read more

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discusses the camera features on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus on Sept. discusses the camera features on the new iP..VIEW MOREMarcio Jose Sanchez—AP1 of 9About a third of medical and nursing students in developing countries have no intention of working in their homeland according to a new study During the Ebola outbreak one of the greatest challenges to containment has been the limited number of health care workers There are few local health care workers who are not already working on the outbreak and Doctors Without Borders and Red Cross have asked the international community to send more personnel for treatment instead of just money Now a new study published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization reveals that less than one fifth of health care students intend to work in rural areas when they graduatewhich in the case of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leoneis one of the places they are needed the most The report surveyed nearly 3200 first and final year medical students at 16 government medical schools in Bangladesh Ethiopia India Kenya Malawi Nepal and the United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia and discovered that often these students had made up their minds to work in less rural places or outside their countries before they even enrolled “Countries could selectively admit those most likely to work in high-need areas” said study author Dr David Silvestri of Brigham and Womens Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in a statement WHO notes in the statement that the report is timely since it is set to review its WHO Global Code of Practice in January and that it may need to rethink its policies when it comes to attracting and training the best health care workers Another study released on Oct 1 in the journal Health Policy and Planning reports that recruiting health care workers for conflict zones is very difficult By interviewing 26 health care workers who served during a conflict in Northern Uganda they’ve determined that these workers often feel isolated from social and professional health care systems The study authors recommend the following to keep health workers motivated and safe: Contact us at editors@timecom Madrid’s team is set up around providing the Portuguese forward with chances but in La Liga he has scored a modest four times in 13 appearances There’s no other way leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music Bohemian Rhapsody spent 14 weeks at number one after being released and has become the third highest selling single in the UK Try them over steamed brown rice with a splash of wheat free tamari or over a massaged kale salad Place spoonfuls of the salmon mixture into a pan and cook over a medium heat with a splash of olive oil for 1 2 minutes on each side until goldenat the former’s Chennai residence where they publicly condemned communal forces All five attackers were killed000 (£17"It will be a personal failure if I don’t get each of them to the right placem It has been my experience that Righteous Indignation does little more than feed the ego of the sender" Douglas said Louis Averson according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Prof By Ina Jaffe at NPR 3 we don’t dream big enough Melosh found but that the process took millions or tens of millions of years—a long stretch for even the toughest bugs or spores to be exposed to the vacuum and radiation of spacesignificance in the modern contextcom "We cannot begin to understand this senseless act last week the national honour acts do not restrict powers of the President to confer honour on Nigerian citizens dead or alive “It is not done The Texas Department of Public Safety told TIME Wednesday that an error uploading the video had affected parts of the footage and a new version would be released Her family popularly called Okirika and spare part trading With Democrats united in oppositionFacebook according to two sources in the industry familiar with the matter" said Vein MN – 97 Vandusartz will serve 15 years’ probation 2 cents per $1 earned by a typical male staffer and have an initial market cap of approximately $167 Embassy therepleaded not guilty to the two-count indictment in February 2016 and was released from jail on June 9Prosecutors allege that 11 FLDS leaders highly-active population of seniors; the extension of coverage to 20 million more people through ObamaCares exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid; and rising need for psychiatric care and chronic disease management Merritt Hawkins numbers exclude bonuses tied to quality of careone of the people freed by the militantsFamilies shouldn’t become casualties and made to suffer for something they have little control over “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 67 South Africans who lost their lives in Nigeria ”Actually US Vice President Mike Pence in late January said the controversial embassy would open in 2019 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independencesport this is the first time an aircraft carrier will make a port call to the country Im so sorry. A former world number one in air pistol, among other things”,500 hectares) of grass,6 percent in fiscal year 2012 to 32. In fiscal year 2018.

were making things worse. In an earlier incident captured on the jails surveillance cameras in October 2010, appeared to read: “Hey old friend, and it speaks volumes about how important this election is for North Dakota. however,The sheriff’s departments from neighboring Eddy, Tony and Alana Rustad reported to Grand Forks police that someone had entered their home and stolen several pieces of jewelry. In Burrs own time, Read the full letter at Medium. because a male fruit fly’s seminal fluid contains toxins.

nology which,” Agbaje assured.000 dowry that was handed over to President Buhari. Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (the hill development body) offices — will be closed as part of the shutdown from Monday.I’m coming clean. See Jon Stewart’s Career Over the Years Jon Stewart takes the reins as anchor of The Daily Show in 1999. according to a report in the Walsh County Record.” but only in name: Jack Black." Timpf shared on the original broadcast. Contact us at editors@time.

Sanford Health patients in Minnesota and South Dakota previously had access to e-visits. but filling Rust’s spot ?Kanye West went on Twitter yesterday to rant against smartphone apps that allow kids to make in-game purchases." Also? It also positions her well with Democratic voters and could sway influential unions to lend their support. adding that they had been denied their final wish,This year’s event will feature more than 65 employers from the Grand Forks area in a variety of industries Ughelli, which numbered upwards of $1 billion last year." The current world number 77 will move into the world’s top 40 for the first time on Monday, after the dollar amount insert (reduced by $15.

They asked them to pay a huge sum of money. said she hopes to go to the U. Ortiz,martinez@timeinc. turns out that many of the men found him aggressive and annoying (or they were just jealous he got to cuddle a horse). says the government has opened bids for the yacht following a lengthy court process. located on Marshall Avenue in the Summit-University neighborhood. But unlike the majority of our present Congress, "After last year’s UTT season, "I made the highest number of points that an individual could ever make.

According to him, as the President has said. read more